Cool Modern Industrial DIY Coffee Table – Free! (From Found Objects)

Cool Modern Industrial DIY Coffee Table – Free! (from Found Objects)


I am always amazed at what people throw away…

another fabulous alley find while walking the dogs, this big thick red acrylic “box”. Yes, it has a few scratches, but is in pretty good shape. The minute I saw it, I knew it was destined to be my new coffee table. This is what it looked like when we found it:


It was pretty amusing watching my man carry it home for 2 blocks 😉 I had a set of 4 big heavy industrial wheels I was given years ago, just waiting for the right project. This is it!


I admit, I was too afraid to drill holes in the acrylic for the wheels, so I gathered an assortment of industrial glues.


I measured out where I wanted the wheels to go, roughed up the surfaces with heavy-grit sandpaper, and went to town with the glue. I used both Liquid Nails and Duco Cement. I added a little hot glue to hold the wheels in place while they dried overnight.

tablemeasure tableglue

And it worked! Well, sort of. It MOSTLY worked. The next day when I went to turn the table over, one of the wheels fell off. I’m really glad it didn’t land on my foot, those wheels weight about 5 pounds each. Which is probably why the glue didn’t hold as well as it could have. I reinforced the fallen wheel with more hot glue, and it all seems to be holding together. We’ve been using the table for about a week without incident. I do plan to bite the bullet and drill those holes to make it super-secure in the near future.

tabledone  tabledone3 tabledone2

I love it! It makes an awesome coffee table. (Please excuse the ugly sofa cover. Anyone who’s ever owned pugs understands. We are desperately seeing a new couch, something along the lines of a leather chesterfield, if you know anyone looking to part with one…) I’ve displayed magazines and my father’s inherited violin inside the box. Coolest free coffee table ever!

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