A Tale of Two Chandeliers (DIY Lighting Make-overs)

lightdr lightporchfromdr

A Tale of Two Chandeliers (DIY Lighting Make-overs)

It was the best of lighting, it was the worst of lighting…ok, I’m getting carried away with the Dickens here I know. It’s just a couple simple chandelier make-overs…

I’ve had this crazy chandelier in a box in the basement for 4 years. Something had to happen with it. Alas, it’s too heavy to hang in the dining room (It’s a weak old ceiling in there, and the light is solid brass, about 15 pounds), but it was covered with fun food and fruit themed beads I had strung for it eons ago that would be so fun in the dining room. (the beads came from Ornamental Beads,  and the chandelier I found at a yard sale for $40) I decided to take the beads off it and add them to the lackluster “chandelier ” (I put it in quotes as it is actually painted plastic, and not truly worthy of the moniker) already in the dining room. Sort of a switch-a-roo. Then what to do with the heavy brass light? Paint it of course! I wanted a light for the covered front porch, and why not a chandelier? Here are the two chandeliers BEFORE:

lightdrbefore  lampporchbefore

Yes, that’s an ornament hanging from the dining room light. It’s hand-painted glass and looks good in the room, so I’m leaving it. The first thing I did was remove all the bits and pieces from the brass chandelier, then everything needed to be cleaned. It’s amazing how dirty a thing can get sitting in a dank basement for four years. Then I taped off the electrical parts and the brass light was ready to paint.

lampparts  lightporchreadytopaint

I used 2X Rustoleum in gloss white. Worked great, and only used about half the can.


After the paint dried, I reattached all the clear crystal bits. Then I had to wire it to plug into a standard outlet. This is easy to do, don’t be afraid. I used an extension cord, cut off the end, stripped the wires, and wired it together.


Time to hang! I screwed a large heavy hook into the wood ceiling of the porch, hung it up and plugged it in. I dig it! What fun to have a chandelier on the porch. I do want to hang it a little lower, and will pick up more chain from the hardware store. And yes, I know that is one crazy assortment of light bulbs on there, and I will get a set of led chandelier bulbs soon. As for the other light, the already-strung beads were simply placed on it where they fit. Easy-peasy. It’s not a big change, but it is a fun and festive addition. Here they are all done:


lightporchfromdoor  lightporchfromdr  lightporchfromdoorclose  lightdr  lightdr2

Of course now I’m itching to get to making over the rest of the porch…


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