A Fabulous Red Shelf For the Bedroom…Free!

Another fabulous Alley Find…someone threw out this great red Ikea shelf unit just a block from the house, and it works great in the bedroom. The bottom shelf was broken off, but easily repaired with glue. Gotta love free! My neighbors toss out the best stuff 😉

(all the stuff on the shelves we already had. Matchbook art by artist friend Paul Moschell. The black hand is a recent thrift store find for $3. See more of the bedroom projects on the Decorating link.)



When in Doubt, Paint it! A Quickie Paint Pick-Me-Up and Rearrange for the Front Porch.

The front porch has been bugging me for awhile now, so I got off my lazy duff and did something about it this weekend. I’d been meaning to paint the tables on the porch white since finding them (yes, they are both Freebee Alley Finds!) to blend them in with the other porch furniture and trim. TIP: How do you make a bunch of stuff that really doesn’t go together work? Paint them all the same color!

Here are the BEFORE Pics:

porchbefore1 porchbefore2

I transformed the tables with less than 2 cans of spray paint, well under $10. I used Rustolium 2X gloss white. (I actually like the aged, worn and rusted look of the 4 folding chairs, so I didn’t paint them. They are real French antiques, not reproductions, and I love them. A fabulous yard sale find I’ve had for over a decade.)


After the paint dried, I spent some time moving all the furniture around for a new arrangement, and settled on the table and chairs being centered under the chandelier and the tall table in the corner. It feels much more welcoming now, and suits our grand old Victorian house. I also added an old (cheap) rug that was gathering dust in the garage. I do plan on fixing and painting the concrete floor of the porch eventually, but this helps for now.


porchafter1 porchafter3

At the last minute I added a little side table from the house to the right side, and now it feels complete. Ready for Summer!


What house projects did you tackle this weekend? Tell me about it in the Leave a Reply/Comments Section.

Cool Modern Industrial DIY Coffee Table – Free! (From Found Objects)

Cool Modern Industrial DIY Coffee Table – Free! (from Found Objects)


I am always amazed at what people throw away…another fabulous alley find while walking the dogs, this big thick red acrylic “box”. Yes, it has a few scratches, but is in pretty good shape. The minute I saw it, I knew it was destined to be my new coffee table. This is what it looked like when we found it:


It was pretty amusing watching my man carry it home for 2 blocks 😉 I had a set of 4 big heavy industrial wheels I was given years ago, just waiting for the right project. This is it!


I admit, I was too afraid to drill holes in the acrylic for the wheels, so I gathered an assortment of industrial glues.


I measured out where I wanted the wheels to go, roughed up the surfaces with heavy-grit sandpaper, and went to town with the glue. I used both Liquid Nails and Duco Cement. I added a little hot glue to hold the wheels in place while they dried overnight.

tablemeasure tableglue

And it worked! Well, sort of. It MOSTLY worked. The next day when I went to turn the table over, one of the wheels fell off. I’m really glad it didn’t land on my foot, those wheels weight about 5 pounds each. Which is probably why the glue didn’t hold as well as it could have. I reinforced the fallen wheel with more hot glue, and it all seems to be holding together. We’ve been using the table for about a week without incident. I do plan to bite the bullet and drill those holes to make it super-secure in the near future.

tabledone  tabledone3 tabledone2

I love it! It makes an awesome coffee table. (Please excuse the ugly sofa cover. Anyone who’s ever owned pugs understands. We are desperately seeing a new couch, something along the lines of a leather chesterfield, if you know anyone looking to part with one…) I’ve displayed magazines and my father’s inherited violin inside the box. Coolest free coffee table ever!

My New FREE Nightstand! (Thinking Inside the Box(s)

Thinking Inside the Box(s), or, Free is Awesome…

I love finding great stuff cheap, but finding great stuff FREE is the best! I found this threesome of graduated-size box shapes abandoned in an alley near my home. They were in pretty good shape, just a few dings and scratches, and very sturdy. I don’t know what they were intended for (shelves? table?) But I knew when I saw them they were destined to become part of the Chic Rock Star Glam Bedroom Redo.


Nightstand pieces, before.

I gathered the pieces, cleaned them and touched up the scuffs with a black Sharpie pen. The piece of glass was gathering dust in the basement. (It’s been down there so long I don’t remember what it came from). I played around with the pieces till I had an arrangement I liked, and voila! I have a new (free!) nightstand that looks great in the new bedroom! More Bedroom Make-over projects coming soon…


Nightstand, after.

Additional notes: The red ceramic pot was another free alley find. Most all the books are from the thrift store ($1-2), and the silver-plate tray is also from the thrift store ($4). The big crystal on the top I bought about 16 years ago at a store close-out sale ($35) and the amethyst stone on the bottom came from a yard sale ($15). The lamp is from Target ($12, on sale) and the lampshade, from the thrift store ($3).

I’ve had this weird obsession with Lucite lately. MNO (Money No Object) I’d have a pair of these in the bedroom…