Killer Scrap Wood DIY Halloween Tombstones – I Wish I Was This Clever…

Killer (pun intended) Scrap Wood DIY Halloween Tombstones


One look at these awesome tombstones and you can see why I wanted to share them with you. This is the yard of Denver artist Tom Novosad, who has a real gift with scrap wood and a jigsaw. “Found some plywood in the alley and had to make me some new headstones. A little left over house paint, some screws…” That’s how Tom rolls. Weathered,  found scrap wood, cut into shapes and layered on with screws, painted with house paint (the drippy paint layers are easily done with watered down paint, just vary the shade of gray slightly) These look so pro, I’m inspired to try my hand at them…well, maybe next year 😉

tomtomestones1  tomtomestones3  tomtomestones9  tomtomestones2  tomtomestones10

The placement of the occasional skull and crow are perfect. Now, behind the scenes, a look at the backs…

tomtomestones15  tomtomestones13  tomtomestones12  tomtomestones11  tomtomestones14

You get an idea of the simple construction looking at the backs. They really are just scrap wood! Staked in the ground with a simple single wood stake.

Bonus: His home-made cemetery gate is marvelous, more scrap wood!…

tomtomestones7  tomtomestones8

Yes, that’s a real coffin on his porch. A dented display model he scored from a mortuary.


The wood over the window is pure genius. So simple, and it looks awesome! The wood pieces were assembled together and painted, then attached to the window frame with two screws.

tomtomestones6  tomporch

We’ll have to go back and see it all lit up and tricked out on Halloween. Thank for the tour Tom!

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