When the Walls Come Tumbling Down…


It’s one of those days when sh*t just happens…the plaster in the bedroom started falling down, big-time. Let me tell you, plaster falling your head when you’re lying in bed is not fun! Now the bedroom is torn apart (not sure where we’ll be sleeping tonight) and we’re tearing into the damaged wall…

Sigh. I wanted to redo the bedroom, but not like this! Nothing like a little forced remodeling. In an attempt to make a big fat lemon into lemon-aid, I’ll be tackling several projects in the bedroom redo, including painting, ceiling treatment, lighting, rehabbing an old dresser, and more, all as cheaply as possible of course. Below are a couple pictures I’ll be using as my inspiration (though my man and I are arguing over color so this is subject to change) Subscribe to the blog and follow along as this project comes together. #remodeling #DIY

Inspiration pics from Houzz.com


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