The Happiest Happy Hours in Denver, a Series: Searching for the Best Deals in Town. Part 1: City O’ City

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of Happy Hour. Especially quality Happy Hour, where you get actual FOOD, not some little sample bite on a tiny plate, and serious drink specials, not just on crappy beer and well drinks. Today is the start of a New Series on the Year of Living Fabulously, this one just for Denverites, where I will attempt to ferret out the Best Happy Hours in Town ( the Best in my opinion, anyway 😉 )

Part 1: City O’ City


Photo courtesy of Pure Presence Photography


Being a vegetarian (ok, a Pescatarian if I’m being totally honest) I’ve always been a big fan of City O’ City. Seriously delicious food, fresh and creative, in a fun, artsy-hipster atmosphere. But where they really get me is Happy Hour. A very generous Happy Hour indeed (2-6pm & 11pm-1am Every Day!) where actual plates of real food are on special (not microscopic mouthfuls that just leave you hungry) and everything behind the bar is $2 off. There may not be a lot of food on special, but some of my all-time favorites are (the Buffalo seitan wings are good enough to convert a hard-core carnivore, and the poutine is a big plateful of melt-y gravy goodness on fresh french fries…ok now I’m drooling). Because every possible libation in the place is discounted, you can have whatever you want! Bonus: the well liqueur here is definitely decent. I can get my favorite Summer-time cocktail, a vodka tonic, for $2. Yes, you read that right, $2! My man and I try to come for happy hour once a week. We can both stuff our faces and each enjoy a cocktail for about $16 total. You can’t beat that with a stick.

City O’ City

206 e 13th ave

Denver, co 80203

Tel: 303.831.6443

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