Fabulous Finds – September 18, 2014 – Anne Fontaine & Dolce Vita

Find of the Week is now Fabulous Finds!

The September Edition of Fabulous Finds finds me back at my favorite Goodwill Thrift store with these two great scores:

I love this groovy Anne Fontaine Paris blouse I picked up for just $4.99 (retail $300-400!) Perfect for Fall layering, I’ve already worn it…


And this lovely pair of Dolce Vita D’Orsay heels in black patent and suede are in near new condition! I love the slightly curved heel and gold detail. Just $14.99 (retail around $150.00)


What great deals have you found this month? I’d love to hear about it in the Leave a Reply/Comments section.

Find of the (Almost Every) Week…GUCCI!

It’s time for Find of the (Almost Every) Week!

This week’s find…Gucci Slides! How cute are these? And perfect for this time of year with Spring just beginning to poke in it’s pretty head. They are in near-new condition, too. Oh Happy Me! Found these at my favorite Goodwill for $12.


What great finds have you scored lately? I’d love to hear about it in the Leave a Reply/Comments section.

Find of the (Almost Every) Week – November 29, 2013. Tadashi & Eileen Fisher

Find of the (Almost Every) Week – November 29, 2013
Tadashi & Eileen Fisher

Tadashidress1 efsweater

I was thrilled to find this gorgeous black layered strapless gown from Tadashi, in perfect condition, at the Goodwill this week. I love it! This dress retailed for around $400. I paid $8. I also scored this lovey grey Merino wool Eileen Fisher sweater, in new condition, and perfect for this time of year! I’ve already worn it a few times. It retailed for around $250. What did I pay? $4. These are the sort of deals I live for! I can’t wait to wear this dress to a holiday party…


What amazing finds have you made? I’d love to hear about it in the Leave a Reply/Comment section.

Find of the (Almost Every) Week – November 18, 2013, Fall Boots & D&G!

FIND OF THE WEEK – November 18, 2013

Jeannot Black Suede Boots and D&G Sunglasses


I love finding exactly what I’m looking for at Goodwill! I wanted black wedge boots (right on trend for Fall) and I found them! I honestly was not familiar with the Jeannot name, but they look great, fit well and are Italian-made, so I grabbed them. I looked them up when I got home and discovered they retailed for over $450. What did I pay? $12.99. Nice! I also snagged these D&G (Dolce & Gabbana) sunglasses, with case, for $9.99.

I want to hear about your Fab Finds! Tell what you’ve recently snagged in the Leave a Reply/Comment section.



Find of the Week – August 6, 2013…Designer Finds, Cynthia Rowley & Sigrid Olsen

Another great week at the thrift store…Cynthia Rowley & Sigrid Olsen!

I did my weekly foray at my favorite Goodwill yesterday. After an hour+ of shopping, I hadn’t found anything. I was about to give up for the day when they started rolling racks of women’s clothes out of the back room. I LOVE it when that happens! There’s nothing better than getting first dibs on the new stuff. (Running to the new racks is one of my big Thrifting Tips). What did I find? A pretty 100% silk two-piece embellished tank and skirt from Sigrid Olsen, I love the pattern! (cost $10.99, retail about $250), and my favorite find so far this Summer, a Cynthia Rowley designer dress that will be perfect for fall! (cost $9.99, retail $350+) Can’t wait to sport this one with some cute ankle boots come September…both items are in perfect condition. I had a $10 gift card (thank you Goodwill Club Blue!) so my total was only $11! Viva la Thrifting!

rowley olsen

What are your great thrift store finds? I want to hear ! Tell me in the Leave a Reply/Comment section.

the Great Laundry Room Make-over of 2013 Part 4, Done! Well, almost. Curtains & Work Surface, Nearly FREE of course…


the Great Laundry Room Make-over of 2013, Done! Well, almost…

Just a couple finishing touches to go, but the Big Stuff is done: Floor, paint, lighting, faux deer-head decor, and now the curtain and work surface. Because the laundry room is also the back porch and pass-through to the backyard and garage, I want it to be pretty. I don’t want to see the machines and be reminded of dirty laundry every time I walk though, so I decided to cover up the washer and dryer. (we also like to use this area as a DIY bar for parties) This cover-up was easy-peasy. I simply added a slab of wood for a work surface/shelf, and curtains under the cabinets and shelf.

BEFORE: Machines all hanging out in the open.


For the curtains, I used an old shower curtain that was the victim of an unfortunate hair-dye accident in the bathroom last year. (A shower curtain is ideal here as it can get wet with no ill effects) The dye stain was in the center of the curtain, so I was able to cut out the 2 smaller curtains around it and salvage the thing. It’s the perfect look for my little hipster black and white laundry room. I measured the 2 spaces, cut the shower curtain to size, and did a simple straight-line sewing job, being sure to loop over the tops so the curtains would fit over the simple curtain rods I picked up at Home Depot for $8 each.

laundryfabricreadytosew laundryfabricsewn

For the shelf I used a piece of particle board leftover from the backyard gazebo seating I made a few years ago. I measured the space it was to fit into and cut off the end with a circular saw.


Then, using white paint leftover from the laundry room walls, I rolled on 3 coats. I’ll be honest, particle board was not my first choice, but heck, it was there, it was free, and in the end it worked out just fine.


I had to support the shelf somehow, so I used a piece of quarter-round (leftover from previous house work), cut it the width of the new shelf, and attached it to the wall where I wanted the shelf to go with 3 big long nails (pre-drilling the holes so I didn’t split the wood) and glue for extra strength. Side Note: Did you know your smartphone can be a level? I downloaded a free “level” app on my iphone, and it worked great to level the shelf support! Ah, modern technology…


The other side of the shelf has a window sill, but it wasn’t high enough to support the shelf. I found these 1″ thick pieces of metal laying around, and placed them under the shelf. Worked great. I secured them in place with a little hot glue.


I was so excited to get the shelf done, I made one big-ol’ boo boo. Can you guess what it is?


Yup, I forgot to cut out for the washer lid. Sigh. This should have been done BEFORE painting. I measured for the hole, cut it out with the circular saw, and sanded and painted the raw edges. Once that part was finished, I screwed large cup hooks under the cabinets and under the shelf to hold the skinny curtain rods, and put up the curtains. Done! Because I used leftover bits from other projects, the only cost on this one was the 2 curtain rods and the large cup hooks, which ran about $20 total.

laundryfabricup   laundryroomdone

I know the photo above is all reflect-y, I had to take the picture through the window from outside to get it all in. It’s a tiny room! Now all that’s left is adding a piece of trim to the edge of the new shelf and finding a small appropriate rug. More pics to come when it’s all in place.

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Find of the Week – July 30, 2013…Marc Jacobs & Tadashi

Find of the Week – Tuesday, July 30, 2013

OK, I confess. I have not been listing a “find” every single week. Sometimes there are no finds, or they are just not worthy of being listed. ( I DO go to the thrift store every week) Perhaps I should change the name. Hmmmm…anyway, here is the “Find of the (almost every) Week”

Yesterday at my favorite Goodwill I found: a very nice Marc by Marc Jacobs leather bag (new retail around $450), and a gorgeous black silk crepe Tadashi Collection dress (new retail around $350) both in excellent, near new condition. Grand Total? $14. Starting to understand why thrifting is so friggin’ awesome? Here they are on my mannequin Tallulah.


I love the Marc Jacobs bag, but green is not my color, so I have listed it for sale on Ebay. Here it is if you’d like to see it: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=121152321944  I’m definitely keeping the dress, it fits great 😉

What awesome thrift store finds have you made recently? I’d love to hear about them! Tell me in the “Leave a Reply” section.