Fun DIY Fornasetti Decoupage Ceiling Design for the Rock Star Glam Bedroom

I adore Fornasetti. I’d love to paper a wall with Fornasetti wallpaper, but since $300+ a roll is a bit out of my price range (and it seems to be discontinued at that) I wanted to create my own look with the Fornasetti “Julia” images. I’ve been looking for the right project to use the imagery on for awhile now, and came up with this fun design that I decoupaged onto my bedroom ceiling around the medallion. It was easy and cost almost nothing.


Ceiling Before:


I started out by finding the images I wanted through a Google image search. In addition to the Fornasetti, I wanted to add a touch of color to the design, so I printed out these Damian Hurst butterfly images as well. I then sized the Julia faces all to 8″ and the butterflies about 2″ and printed them all on plain white paper and cut them out carefully. Then I played around on the rug with various layouts and finally decided on this one:


Now it’s time to decoupage! Just mix 3 parts Elmer’s glue (any basic white glue should work), to 1 part water, brush it lightly but thoroughly on the back of the image and on the surface to be covered and carefully lay on the image. This can be a little tricky as you want to avoid air bubbles. I start at one corner and smooth it gently to the other corner. If you get a bubble gently work it out with the damp brush.

And here it is finished! The whole process took about an hour and cost only the cash to cover the ink, paper and glue, so pennies!

ceilinglightdone2 ceilinglightdone3


…I also had a little fun on the back of the bedroom door with some Fornasetti arms and a couple more butterflies…

bedroomdoor bedroomdoor2

A Note on Copyrighted Images: It’s ok to do things like this for your own personal use, but you cannot use copyrighted images on anything you are going to sell, or you can be sued for copyright infringement.

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Stealing From Other People’s Homes (Decorating Ideas that is): Killer Glam Chicago Loft Full of DIY Goodness

I confess, I’m doing it again: Stealing. Stealing great decorating ideas from other people’s homes. This awesome Chicago loft was another one just too good not to share. Below I’m showing you a few pictures with Ideas to Steal from this glam space. You can see the whole article and many more pictures here: (Apartment Therapy is one of my favorite decorating blogs, I highly recommend subscribing if you’re into decor

Here are my favorite ideas from this amazing abode (and everyone of them would be cheap to do):

(all images from

The collection of art is a pure delight! If it were just a couple pieces it wouldn’t work, but en mass like this it’s an ode to kitsch. Great Idea: Strings of pearls draped on the portrait of Jaclyn Smith. It just works.

That chandelier made out of cheap gold earrings is genius! How many times have I seen those big grab bags of jewelry at the thrift store and not known what to do with them. Now I do!

A sequin wall? Oh Hells yes! Total Hollywood glam. This would be great on a door, on a headboard, a small bathroom wall, there are so many places this could be fun to try. It’s especially good against the black gloss fireplace.

Every home needs a mannequin. Mine is named “Talullah”. She’ll be getting a new paint job this year. That gold looks pretty good…

This one is so simple and looks terrific! Funky lamp shades hung at varying heights from the ceiling. So easy! A fun assortment of shades from the thrift store, light kits from Home Depot, and your done! Love it.

Note the doors, covered in a lovely brocade. Another great idea. Could be fabric or wallpaper or stenciled.

Old door as decor. Makes a great backdrop. Plain wood or painted a great color, doors are great wall space fillers. Would also make for a unique headboard, connect 3 or more with hinges as a room divider, you get the idea. I would add a light behind this hanging door, would look amazing at night.

There you have it, my personal picks from this great home. Again, see it all here:

Until next time, Happy DIY!

A Tale of Two Chandeliers (DIY Lighting Make-overs)

lightdr lightporchfromdr

A Tale of Two Chandeliers (DIY Lighting Make-overs)

It was the best of lighting, it was the worst of lighting…ok, I’m getting carried away with the Dickens here I know. It’s just a couple simple chandelier make-overs. I’ve had this crazy chandelier in a box in the basement for 4 years. Something had to happen with it. Alas, it’s too heavy to hang in the dining room (It’s a weak old ceiling in there, and the light is solid brass, about 15 pounds), but it was covered with fun food and fruit themed beads I had strung for it eons ago that would be so fun in the dining room. (the beads came from Ornamental Beads,  and the chandelier I found at a yard sale for $40) I decided to take the beads off it and add them to the lackluster “chandelier ” (I put it in quotes as it is actually painted plastic, and not truly worthy of the moniker) already in the dining room. Sort of a switch-a-roo. Then what to do with the heavy brass light? Paint it of course! I wanted a light for the covered front porch, and why not a chandelier? Here are the two chandeliers BEFORE:

lightdrbefore  lampporchbefore

Yes, that’s an ornament hanging from the dining room light. It’s hand-painted glass and looks good in the room, so I’m leaving it. The first thing I did was remove all the bits and pieces from the brass chandelier, then everything needed to be cleaned. It’s amazing how dirty a thing can get sitting in a dank basement for four years. Then I taped off the electrical parts and the brass light was ready to paint.

lampparts  lightporchreadytopaint

I used 2X Rustoleum in gloss white. Worked great, and only used about half the can.


After the paint dried, I reattached all the clear crystal bits. Then I had to wire it to plug into a standard outlet. This is easy to do, don’t be afraid. I used an extension cord, cut off the end, stripped the wires, and wired it together.


Time to hang! I screwed a large heavy hook into the wood ceiling of the porch, hung it up and plugged it in. I dig it! What fun to have a chandelier on the porch. I do want to hang it a little lower, and will pick up more chain from the hardware store. And yes, I know that is one crazy assortment of light bulbs on there, and I will get a set of led chandelier bulbs soon. As for the other light, the already-strung beads were simply placed on it where they fit. Easy-peasy. It’s not a big change, but it is a fun and festive addition. Here they are all done:


lightporchfromdoor  lightporchfromdr  lightporchfromdoorclose  lightdr  lightdr2

Of course now I’m itching to get to making over the rest of the porch…


the DIY Bedroom Re-do (Chic Rock Star Glam): the Ceiling Light Restyled

The “forced” bedroom re-do is coming right along (if you recall we had plaster falling on our heads in the night, which has been repaired). I’ve decided to call our new bedroom look “Chic Rock Star Glam” We are after all, an artist and a musician…

Here is the complete restyled light fixture. (and please don’t yell at me for painting over an antique 😉 My man purchased this art deco light fixture many years ago (before my time) in a big lot of light fixtures at an estate sale. We estimate he paid about $30 for it. It was gold-toned, and that just wouldn’t do for the new look. I used 2 coats of Ralph Lauren “Ambassador Sterling” on the fixture and decorative ceiling crown (the plastic crown originally came from Home Depot), then dry-brushed shiny silver acrylic paint over the high points. (I already had the paints on hand from previous projects, so no cost!) The little black shades we already had (thrift store finds, .99 each) work fine with the new color scheme, so I just reattached them. Now comes the fun part. I had a spool of pretty clear glass antique beaded trim that I picked up at a yard sale years ago (for $5), just waiting for the right project, and decided now is the time to use it. I simply draped and wrapped it around the arms of the fixture, and voila’! Sparkle and glam. For the final touch, I added a few inches of strung black coque feathers (not touching any electric or heat elements of course) wrapped around the top. (these were also left over from a previous project). The resulting restyle looks great with the Chic Rock Star Glam theme. And the best part? Everything I used I already had on hand, so it cost nothing! There are many more bedroom projects coming, so stay tuned! #diy #decorating #restyle


The ceiling fixture before, just starting on the painting…


Ceiling Light Fixture in progress, almost done painting…


Ceiling Light Fixture DONE! Chic Rock Star Glam accomplished.