A Fabulous Red Shelf For the Bedroom…Free!

Another fabulous Alley Find…someone threw out this great red Ikea shelf unit just a block from the house, and it works great in the bedroom. The bottom shelf was broken off, but easily repaired with glue. Gotta love free! My neighbors toss out the best stuff πŸ˜‰

(all the stuff on the shelves we already had. Matchbook art by artist friend Paul Moschell. The black hand is a recent thrift store find for $3. See more of the bedroom projects on the Decorating link.)



the DIY Bedroom Re-do (Chic Rock Star Glam): the Ceiling Light Restyled

The “forced” bedroom re-do is coming right along (if you recall we had plaster falling on our heads in the night, which has been repaired). I’ve decided to call our new bedroom look “Chic Rock Star Glam” We are after all, an artist and a musician…

Here is the complete restyled light fixture. (and please don’t yell at me for painting over an antique πŸ˜‰ My man purchased this art deco light fixture many years ago (before my time) in a big lot of light fixtures at an estate sale. We estimate he paid about $30 for it. It was gold-toned, and that just wouldn’t do for the new look. I used 2 coats of Ralph Lauren “Ambassador Sterling” on the fixture and decorative ceiling crown (the plastic crown originally came from Home Depot), then dry-brushed shiny silver acrylic paint over the high points. (I already had the paints on hand from previous projects, so no cost!) The little black shades we already had (thrift store finds, .99 each) work fine with the new color scheme, so I just reattached them. Now comes the fun part. I had a spool of pretty clear glass antique beaded trim that I picked up at a yard sale years ago (for $5), just waiting for the right project, and decided now is the time to use it. I simply draped and wrapped it around the arms of the fixture, and voila’! Sparkle and glam. For the final touch, I added a few inches of strung black coque feathers (not touching any electric or heat elements of course) wrapped around the top. (these were also left over from a previous project). The resulting restyle looks great with the Chic Rock Star Glam theme. And the best part? Everything I used I already had on hand, so it cost nothing! There are many more bedroom projects coming, so stay tuned! #diy #decorating #restyle


The ceiling fixture before, just starting on the painting…


Ceiling Light Fixture in progress, almost done painting…


Ceiling Light Fixture DONE! Chic Rock Star Glam accomplished.