It’s Not a Bedroom till the Mirror Ball is hung…Chic Rock Star Glam Bedroom Re-do Continues


It’s not a bedroom till the mirror ball is hung…

I a little obsessed with mirror balls. I currently own 3. (I purchased two of them on Ebay for $20 each for a party years ago, and a third 8″ one from the thrift store for $4.) One hangs in the corner of the living room with a still spot light on it which covers the ceiling in lights at night, one small one sits on the bookshelf on the landing, and now the third one hangs in front of the bedroom window. I love the light reflection in the afternoon sun! Perfect for our new Chic Rock Star Glam bedroom. Just a few more projects to go until the bedroom is complete. I finished sewing the pillows and curtains yesterday, and am about to recover the headboard. There are 3 painting projects (a large mirror, a huge dresser and two hanging lamps) that will have to wait until the weather warms up in another week or so. In the meantime, I’ll keep giving you little “sneak peaks” of the other various projects, like this mirror ball. #diy #restyle #decorating #mirrorball