Bar Makeover at the New House. It’s Cocktail Time!

Work on the new house is progressing nicely. So many projects, but heck, I have a bit more time to do them with the COVID shut-down 🙂

With our very limited budget we are working with the house as is as much as possible. No room for big reno so time to get creative. The goal is to upgrade and modernize what is here while spending as little as possible. With that in mind, a funky bar redo was in order.

As you can see, the style was in need of an upgrade, a bit too “log cabin” for my taste. Everything was painted a flat white to give us a neutral palate. From there, I changed out the hardware for simple gold pulls About $1.50 each on Amazon), painted the horizontal supports a glittering gold to match the hardware (Krylon ultra cover metallic gold), removed the stained glass pieces (we’ll use them elsewhere) and added backdrops inside the glass cabinets with leftover wallpaper.


The leftover wallpaper is from the bathroom redo in the old house. I loved it so much I kept the extra, knowing I’d use it. I kept it very simple. I cut a piece of heavy cardboard to fit the inside, and used spray adhesive to attach the wallpaper and just tucked it in. That way if I change my mind in the future it will be very easy to remove. I love the way it tuned out!

Thanks for looking! I’m going to go enjoy a cocktail 🙂 Happy Holidays!

DIY Modern Deco Bar Make-over on Found Vintage Cabinet

Happy Fall All! The heater kicked on for the first time this morning, so it is officially Fall at our house. The leaves are starting to fall off the trees, and short sleeves have turned to long almost overnight. I managed to get this little project finished before the chill set in and painting outside became challenging.


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