Part 3! Big Crazy Bohemian Garden…it’s Not Mine, it’s Tiffany’s. (Lots of Fun Ideas Here!)

Like all good things, this series must come to an end…

Part 3 of the Big Crazy Bohemian Garden.

(Part 2 HERE)

(Part 1 HERE)

tsgreenhouse2 tsgreenhouse tsgreenhouse3

The greenhouse. It’s pretty killer. It has an ingenious self-watering system, and a deep koi pond on the North side that functions as a heat sink in the Winter. The Koi are crazy huge, sorry it was too dark to get any pictures of them. You know I wanted to snatch that Japanese eggplant right off the vine…

What garden is complete without a couple Pink Flamingos?


Another great recycling idea, old plastic Halloween “Witch’s cauldrons” painted blue and used as planters…


And of course, there are chickens. 5 feathery friends, providing breakfast for all. I especially like the art and fancy glass hanging light in the chicken coop.

tschickens3 tschickens2tschickens

And now, on to the Front Yard. No lawns here at the Smyth Abode. Hardy strawberries take the place of grass beautifully, and provide delicious berries!

tsfrontyard2 tsfrontyard

I love the mannequin on the front porch, no doubt reclaimed from the ArtSmyth Mask Shop.

tsfrontporch tsfront

There’s an amazing Wisteria on the front gate. (We’ll have to get a shot of it in bloom next year) Great Idea Alert: She has strung wire from the fence to the second story balcony on which the vines are growing. Natural shade!


The fence on the North side of the house is covered in blackberries and roses, a beautiful combination.


And last but not least, a large mirror in the front side yard reflects a pair of plant-covered deer. Charming!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this delightful garden tour as much as I have. Until next time, Happy Planting!

Part 2! Big Crazy Bohemian Garden…it’s Not Mine, it’s Tiffany’s. (Lots of Fun Ideas Here!)

Part 2 of our 3-Part series on the amazing bohemian garden of mask-maker extraordinaire Tiffany Smyth

See Part 1 Here: Big Crazy Bohemian Garden

Let’s just dig right in shall we?

tsheads tsfence2tsfence

The first thing you’ll notice is the blue heads. I love the blue heads. What a creative edging! The heads were leftover from a failed project. They were intended to be display pieces for Tiffany’s masks, but they turned out a bit too heavy and a tad too small. No matter, they are marvelous garden accessories!

Next, note the shelves on the fence. I love this idea, and I will be stealing it…a great way to add vertical gardening to the yard and add visual interest to an otherwise boring wood fence.

tsfence3  tsfence4

What a fun spot for hanging plants. I like the found object embellishments…check out the old Victorian shoe 😉 Spray paint the fence? Sure, why not. And the blue color accents the heads nicely. More old windows on the fence. It’s a good thing.

tsfence6 tsbackyard2 tsbackyard

Old metal bed frames. (Where is she finding all these?? I’ll have to ask…) Great for delineating space and providing climbing surfaces for vines. More fun found objects decorate the fence. Nice bunny. Elevating him on the pedestal makes him look ultra-special, which of course he is.

And finally, one of my favorite areas it the garden. Skulls may not be your cup of tea, but I love them. Great use of old Halloween decorations…skulls as planters! Love it. I like how she pulled together unusual elements and made them work as one by painting them the same way. Note the continual use of the blue. There is a ton going on in this garden, but the consistent blue ties it all together.

tsfence5  tsbackyard4 tsbackyard5

Part 3, with chickens! Coming Friday. Stay tuned!

Big Crazy Bohemian Garden…it’s Not Mine, it’s Tiffany’s. (Lots of Fun Ideas Here!)

This week we’ll be wandering around someone else’s garden. This wacky & wonderful garden is chock full of fun and unusual ideas using found objects, leftovers, chickens and more. This creative space belongs to mask-maker Tiffany Smyth of Denver. If you don’t know Tiffany’s masks, you need to Once you see the masks, you’ll understand the garden. I’ll be covering this garden in 3 blog posts this week.

Without further ado, here is post #1:

Fairy Garden & Porch

The yard is gently divided into different zones with creative fencing and edging. The Fairy Garden is on the North side of the house, with the entry marked by a curved arbor.

tsfairygardenentry  tsfairygarden4  tsfairygarden  tsfairygarden2  tsfairygarden3  tschair

The Fairy Garden is a charming little space. I love “Secret Garden” areas like this. Some ideas to steal here are the metal headboard as a trellis, the old windows hung on the fence, and the old metal chair, painted blue and used as a plant stand.

The Back Porch

tsporch  tsbedseat2 tsbedseat tsporch2


The big Idea to Steal on the porch is the seating made from an old headboard. The feet were cut off and became the front legs, a thick piece of wood was added for the seat, as was foam. The seat is covered in leopard print vinyl and attached with a staple gun. Decorative wall shelves have been added to the headboard. Love this one.

And last but not least, the Deadly Nightshade Garden, marked appropriately with a shiny-eyed skull…


Wednesday we’ll explore the backyard further, stay tuned!

the Great Laundry Room Make-over of 2013 Part 4, Done! Well, almost. Curtains & Work Surface, Nearly FREE of course…


the Great Laundry Room Make-over of 2013, Done! Well, almost…

Just a couple finishing touches to go, but the Big Stuff is done: Floor, paint, lighting, faux deer-head decor, and now the curtain and work surface. Because the laundry room is also the back porch and pass-through to the backyard and garage, I want it to be pretty. I don’t want to see the machines and be reminded of dirty laundry every time I walk though, so I decided to cover up the washer and dryer. (we also like to use this area as a DIY bar for parties) This cover-up was easy-peasy. I simply added a slab of wood for a work surface/shelf, and curtains under the cabinets and shelf.

BEFORE: Machines all hanging out in the open.


For the curtains, I used an old shower curtain that was the victim of an unfortunate hair-dye accident in the bathroom last year. (A shower curtain is ideal here as it can get wet with no ill effects) The dye stain was in the center of the curtain, so I was able to cut out the 2 smaller curtains around it and salvage the thing. It’s the perfect look for my little hipster black and white laundry room. I measured the 2 spaces, cut the shower curtain to size, and did a simple straight-line sewing job, being sure to loop over the tops so the curtains would fit over the simple curtain rods I picked up at Home Depot for $8 each.

laundryfabricreadytosew laundryfabricsewn

For the shelf I used a piece of particle board leftover from the backyard gazebo seating I made a few years ago. I measured the space it was to fit into and cut off the end with a circular saw.


Then, using white paint leftover from the laundry room walls, I rolled on 3 coats. I’ll be honest, particle board was not my first choice, but heck, it was there, it was free, and in the end it worked out just fine.


I had to support the shelf somehow, so I used a piece of quarter-round (leftover from previous house work), cut it the width of the new shelf, and attached it to the wall where I wanted the shelf to go with 3 big long nails (pre-drilling the holes so I didn’t split the wood) and glue for extra strength. Side Note: Did you know your smartphone can be a level? I downloaded a free “level” app on my iphone, and it worked great to level the shelf support! Ah, modern technology…


The other side of the shelf has a window sill, but it wasn’t high enough to support the shelf. I found these 1″ thick pieces of metal laying around, and placed them under the shelf. Worked great. I secured them in place with a little hot glue.


I was so excited to get the shelf done, I made one big-ol’ boo boo. Can you guess what it is?


Yup, I forgot to cut out for the washer lid. Sigh. This should have been done BEFORE painting. I measured for the hole, cut it out with the circular saw, and sanded and painted the raw edges. Once that part was finished, I screwed large cup hooks under the cabinets and under the shelf to hold the skinny curtain rods, and put up the curtains. Done! Because I used leftover bits from other projects, the only cost on this one was the 2 curtain rods and the large cup hooks, which ran about $20 total.

laundryfabricup   laundryroomdone

I know the photo above is all reflect-y, I had to take the picture through the window from outside to get it all in. It’s a tiny room! Now all that’s left is adding a piece of trim to the edge of the new shelf and finding a small appropriate rug. More pics to come when it’s all in place.

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