Bathroom Remodel!

This project has been a long time coming, and honestly went way over budget, but I’m so happy with how it turned out. In an effort to save some cash, we did not move any of the fixtures, and for the color scheme I designed around the existing (and still very nice) blue washer and dryer. As is most always the case with big projects, there were unforeseen circumstances, like the sub floor having to be rebuilt, and a few add-ons that were not accounted for in the original plan. I had originally budgeted $8,000 but it wound up being a bit over $12,000, even with me doing the wallpaper. (Which, with all the angles in the room, was a beast!) Remodels are never easy, and this was my first serious bathroom redo. There are just a couple tiny things left to button up but here it is (95% finished) in all it’s glory 🙂 The majority of the heavy lifting was done by Seiler Design LLC (demo, tile, paint). I did the wallpaper and the designing of the room, picking out tiles, colors, fixtures etc.). So happy with how it turned out! It’s a grown-up bathroom now 🙂

(All the tile is from Home Depot: fixtures, lights, mirrored cabinet from wallpaper by Antonina Vella in “Kaleidoscope”: outlet covers were found on glass shower enclosure was custom by Ryan Olson Glass.)



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