8 New Succulent Planters for $0 (From 3 Old Overcrowded Ones)

Hello Spring! It’s finally warm enough to move the plants back outdoors, and I’ve been dying to divide 3 old succulent planters that were very leggy and overgrown. Succulents are easy as pie to grow and divide up into many new plants. (Side note: “easy as pie”? anyone who has baked pies knows they are not so easy…or maybe they mean they go down easy, which is so true 😉

I’ve had these 3 succulent planters for years now, and it was beyond time to split them up. I wound up dividing them into 8 planters! My main goal was to create inserts for my tall black planters that sit just at the entry.


IMG_8596 2



I’m so happy with how they came out! I planted them in pots that insert into the big ones so I can easily pop them out and bring back inside next Winter.

Here is the mess I started with:frontplanterssucculents2Poor overgrown devils. I’m sure the will all be much happier now. I’ve been struggling with keeping annuals happy in the big black pots as it gets hot sun all summer. I’m sure these succulents will be easier to deal with in there.


I also planted up a bunch of extras in the old pots they came out of plus some:

frontplanterssucculents6succulentplanters1succulentplanter2succulentplanter3I love succulents more and more…so easy to deal with, such happy little things 🙂 I made up a little patio area outside of Carmen (my vintage rv) and added a couple of my extras. I love it!

There will be many more spring projects to come! With the extra time on my hands right now I am getting a ton done. What garden projects are you working on?


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