Carmen, an RV Makeover Love Story, Part 2 (of 3)

It’s time for Part 2 of our RV makeover adventure. (See Part One HERE) Today it’s about the loft and cab, as well as the closet and a few extras.




I love our little loft, such a cozy spot for a nap. I removed the board (it was cracked and warped) that went over the driver/passenger seats that made the area into a full size bed, which we no longer needed as I turned the sofa area into a daybed. It feels much more open now, and there is still room up there for 4 fabric storage bins and a sleeping area for one. I’m using a tri-fold memory foam mattress (and loads of pillows) that just fits and is easy to fold up if we need more storage space.

I made it my mission to obliterate every inch of brown in there, so I painted the brown vinyl with an appropriate vinyl paint, in purple of course 🙂


As in the rest of the rv, the walls are covered with fabric. I also covered the ceiling in the loft with fabric. I’d been carrying that green fabric around with me for years just looking for the right place for it, and it worked great here. I added more dangle-y beads around the ceiling light and vent opening. The ceiling was a mess, warped and stained from previous water damage. After resealing the roof and windows, we painted it all out with Kilz paint then I went to work with the fabric. It covers a world of sins! You can’t see where the ceiling is warped at all now. I also made very simple curtains from leftover velboa fabric. The windows are covered with “stained glass” window film from Home Depot. Those unusual wood finials are another thrift store find I’ve had for years who have finally found their home.

The Cab

This is the craziest area of the rv. Inspired over the years by friends with art cars, I’ve always wanted to have a dash plastered with chotchkis. I’ve got a good start on that dream here, with space to add many more kitchy things in the future.


Everything is attached with silicone, which worked great. Some of these things we’ve had for years, some from our crafty-stuff boxes and old costume pieces, and some fun finds from thrift stores and yard sales.rvdashjewelsI covered the steering wheel and door inserts with vintage faux fur sleeves I cut off an old coat. One of the few things I bought new were the sheepskin seat covers , which I enhanced on the back with a touch of purple fabric paint. On the floor we ripped out all the rotting old carpet and padding and replaced it with heat and sound shielding pads covered with a couple yards of old faux fur I accidentally washed in hot water, but, bonus! It wound up looking like shag carpet after I “damaged” it.

rvsteeringwheelrvcabdoorinsidervlookingoutfrontA Few Little Extras…

The insides of the cabinets are all done leopard print shelf paper (Amazon).


Just inside the entry of the rv are a couple small framed pictures of her namesake, Carmen Amaya…


The other side of the entry is decked out with shoe holders (painted with purple plastic spray paint) and hooks.


I made a simple purple curtain for the main door and also painted the inside of it and the header with the purple vinyl paint. Eventually I’d like to do something fun with the screen door.


The closet was one of the biggest challenges. It was very badly water damaged and had to be gutted down to the fiberglass walls. After having the roof and back professionally resealed to ensure no more damage, I rebuilt the inside of the closet with new wood and paneling. I had this lovely fabric in storage and it fit in there perfectly to dress up the walls. I attached those plastic over-the-door shoe hangers to the insides of the doors for extra storage.



Next, Part 3! The Kitchen, Bathroom and Exterior

Help keep Carmen rolling, Donate towards a new Head Gasket…

Well our sweet Miss Carmen is at the Car Doctor, with a blown head gasket. I brought her in for her check up, knowing she’d need a few things, but this was a big surprise, and a major blow to the wallet. If you’ve enjoyed Carmen’s story, please consider a donation to help keep her rolling. Thank you 🙂


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