My Bad-Ass Valentine…A Polymer Clay Black Heart Necklace DIY


I love a big statement necklace…I seriously got my jewelry on this weekend. I made 3 big Valentine’s (well more or less) necklaces and 2 pins. Today I’m showing you the “Bad-Ass Valentine” necklace I made from polymer clay (Super Sculpy) and assorted chains and beads.

First, the heart:


Massage that clay, warm it up and start shaping it. It’s easy, I promise. There’s no messing it up, just work it till it looks right…




(I also made a tiny black heart pin for my man. He wears jewelry. He’s just cool like like.) A simple jewelry hanger was stuck into the top of the heart before baking. The beauty of Sculpy is it bakes to harden at 275 degrees in your oven. After it cools it’s painting time.


(Seen here with the other projects) I used black acrylic paint, 3 coats, then coated it with semi-gloss clear coat. Now onto the assemblage…


Here are all the “parts”: A 3-chain necklace I picked up at the thrift store ($2.50), some fun black spike beads from Ornamental Beads, and some simple black beads left over from another project. I removed the black velvet bits on the necklace (they made it too long), removed the lobster clasp from the velvet and reattached it to the new ends of the chain. (Easily done with a small needle-nose pliers). I then detached one of the chains, slide the big heart onto it and reattached.


Then I strung one more chain with the black beads, the spikes and a few silver bits I found in my jewelry box. I used jump rings and crimps to attach this to the 3-chain part. Lastly, I glued a bit of leftover cotton fabric to the back of the heart (You wouldn’t want the painted heart rubbing on your skin.) The whole project cost me about $12 and about an hour’s time total. I love it! I’ll be wearing next week for sure (and beyond).

blackheartdoneonwhite blackheartdone

There’s a few more unusual (and kinda freaky) Valentine’s jewelry blogs coming over the next week. FOLLOW THIS BLOG and you won’t miss a thing!

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