Beetlejuice-esque DIY Halloween Striped Candlesticks…with Electrical Tape! So Easy it’s Scary.


Fun striped candle sticks! Very “Nightmare-Before-Christmas”/”Beetlejuice” looking. This was crazy-easy. Black electrical tape. That’s it. Use another piece of tape as a spacer, and just wrap the tape around so it overlaps a tad. The tape is shiny and looks great, and so cheap to do it’s ridiculous. Like, pennies. These are 24″ white tapers, but you could do this on pretty much any candle. This would be fun on orange or red candles too..

Here’s the BEFORE:


Here’s the WRAPPING TAPE part:


And DONE! The whole thing took about 10 minutes. (Of course, be careful if you are going to light the candle, and remove the tape. It will get all melty and gross if the flame hits it, and will probably be very hard to clean up. Never leave candles unsupervised!)


(If you are wondering about my black kitty, I’ve had him about a decade. He came from Dept. 56. The silver candlesticks came from the thrift store (about $8 for the pair as I recall.) The antique mirror was my man’s before I moved in.)

One thought on “Beetlejuice-esque DIY Halloween Striped Candlesticks…with Electrical Tape! So Easy it’s Scary.

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