One of My Favorite Gardening Tricks – Curly Willow Branches: DIY Tree, High-Impact on the Cheap

One of My Favorite Gardening Tricks – Curly Willow Branches: High-Impact on the Cheap


This trick is an oldy but a goody.  I learned it years ago in my Floral Designer days and have used it many times, both indoors and out…

Green Curly Willow branches. These things grow with ridiculous ease. I wanted something big for the large pot in the front yard (yes, I know my pot needs a little TLC, but that project is for next year) I bought 3 large branches of green Curly Willow (it HAS to be GREEN, and wet! Dry branches will not grow, but still look cool…) I just stuck them in the dirt and watered as usual. That’s it. Could it be any easier? Depending on your climate, they may come back again for many years, even in a pot! They will also sprout in a vase of water near a sunny window for a big easy “house plant”. It’s an “Insta-Tree!” Gotta love it.


Just the branches, right after planting. Even just like this they look good…

willowsprouting2 willowsprouting

After about 3 weeks, they started sprouting leaves…


And here they are after a couple months, all big and showy. The branches cost me $13. OK, I admit it, I got these at the wholesaler. If you get them from your local florist, they will be a bit more. Even your grocery floral department should be able to order them for you, just be sure and ask for GREEN Curly Willow, FRESH.

What’s your favorite gardening trick? Tell me in the Leave a Reply/Comment section.



2 thoughts on “One of My Favorite Gardening Tricks – Curly Willow Branches: DIY Tree, High-Impact on the Cheap

  1. I bought curly brown dried willow branches for my Xmas pot arrangements (5) outdoors and they All rooted in the NJ winter of 2017! All you did was stick the curly willow sticks into soil alongside my evergreen branches. When Xmas n New Years was Over I removed my evergreens and lights and just left the curly willow b c they looked pretty on their own in each pot … they went threw nor’easters with heavy snows n rains. When spring came, to my amazement, I noticed the branches leafing! I went out and planted flowers planted around the curly willow branches – So now I have curly willow trees growing in all my pots alongside my summer flowers💃🏻🤗👍🏻

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