Perhaps the Best Outdoor Garden Lighting Idea Ever…DIY High-End Looking Glowing Orbs for about $3


This is one of the Best Outdoor DIYs Ever. I mean it. So simple, so high impact, so freakin’ awesome. When I first saw this one, I had one of those smack-on-the-forehead moments of “Why didn’t I think of that?!?”

I stole the idea from this brilliant lady, and I am giving her all the credit here. It’s just way too great an idea to share, so here we go:

What you need:

Those “ugly” round opaque glass globe light covers, a string of lights, preferably LED (less electricity and heat), and an extension cord. (I used regular white string lights I already had, but I do plan to eventually replace them with LED strings)

Note: When I saw this idea, I ran right out to the Habitat for Humanity Restore and found 2 round globes and 2 larger flatter globes for $2 each. (FYI this place is a DIY goldmine! I also scored handles for a dresser redo for $1 each, post coming soon!) You can also often find them at thrift stores. I will be getting more as I find them, I’m so in love with this look I want to do up the front yard as well, maybe with colored lights to match the house…


Just put the string of lights inside, plug it into your extension cord, and bury the edges of the globe and the extension cord under dirt or mulch. (I used mulch, as it was already on the ground, a total no-brainer). That’s it! I did four of these in about 20 minutes.

yardlightsglass  yardlightsparts  yardlightsstring  yardlightsday3

yardlightsday2  yardlightsday

Nighttime is when the magic happens…I plugged them into the dawn/dusk timer I already have in the backyard. Works great.

yardlights  yardlights2

yardlights4  yardlights3

I can’t wait to add more of these! What amazing outdoor DIYs have you done? I’d love to hear! Tell me about them in the Leave a Reply section.

4 thoughts on “Perhaps the Best Outdoor Garden Lighting Idea Ever…DIY High-End Looking Glowing Orbs for about $3

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