Fun & Funky DIY Beaded Statement Necklaces with Hello Kitty & Power Puff Girls


DIY Hello Kitty Statement Necklace


DIY Power Puff Girls Statement Necklace

For the final installment of this week’s theme of “Pre-Blog Projects Revisited” I decided to share a little fashion fun with you. I actually made these necklaces almost a decade ago, and I still love them…

I dig the juxtaposition of really nice glass beads with the humorous plastic figures. I get a ton of complements whenever I wear them, and people are always surprised I made them. While they were not one of my cheapest creations, they were surprisingly easy to make, and still cost far less than retail for something comparable. As with the other posts this week, I am sorry there are no “how-to” pictures because these were done “pre-blog”, but I will explain how I made them as best I can.

I was inspired to make these after seeing something similar in a fashion magazine (I have tried to find it again online, to no avail) with little cartoon figures. I used a combination of handmade lampwork beads and store-bought beads. I bought the little plastic figures (Hello Kitty & Power Puff Girls) at Toys R Us, and simply drilled small holes in them. The pretty lampwork beads were bought from an artist on Ebay (you can also find some great ones on Etsy), and the rest of the beads came from Ornamental Beads (formerly Ornamental Resources). I just strung them on bead wire and attached the wires to simple closure finding, twisting the wires on with a pair of needle-nose pliers. The trick with multiple-strand necklaces is to graduate the size of s=the beads smaller and smaller when you get to the end where they will be attached at the closure. OK I admit, I really didn’t know what I was doing when I strung them (it does not look terribly professional, as you can see by the back of the necklace) but hey, it worked, and still holds up today.

I still like these so much I’m planning to make another one or two in the future, with better closures next time.


DIY Power Puff Girls Statement Necklace-Side View


DIY Power Puff Girls Statement Necklace-Shown on my mannequin Tallulah


DIY Power Puff Girls Statement Necklace-Back View


DIY Hello Kitty Statement Necklace-Side View


DIY Hello Kitty Statement Necklace-Other Side View


DIY Hello Kitty Statement Necklace-Shown on my mannequin Tallulah

Do you make your own jewelry? I’d love to see it! Tell me about it in the comments section.

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