A Quick Art Studio Redo…Now Get to Work

My studio was a screaming mess…I couldn’t stand it anymore. Some artists like to work in a chaotic environment, but not this one. I spend 10-12 hours a day in this room, (and it is also my work-out space) so it needs to function, be comfortable, and for me to be happy, to look at least half-way decent. Long overdo for a clean-out and re-org, I spent most of Saturday tearing apart my work space. It’s now comfortable to be in, and I’m not mortified whenever someone visits.


studiobefore studiobefore4 studiobefore3

(I’ve added “modesty bars” over the naked bits in my paintings)

First, I went through everything, tossed the garbage, and filled a box for my yearly summer yard sale (much more on that in future posts). Then, I rearranged the room to create a little alcove to hide away from view all the necessary art clutter: canvases, projects in-progress, etc. The next step was organizing and putting away what I could, and then finally I added a nice rug I had just purchased at a yard sale that morning for $20 and a “curtain” (A piece of silver satin left over from the bedroom redo) with simple clips to the front of my storage shelves so I can get at stuff easily but don’t have to look at the clutter. It looks much nicer now, and it just feels better to be in the room. Now I can really get to work! (By the way, you can see my paintings at www.vlasicstudio.com Be warned, many of the paintings are full nudes)

THE STUDIO…AFTER (a breath of fresh air)

studioafter2  studioafter7  studioafter4

I feels like a new studio, and all it cost me was an afternoon and $20 for the rug. (the pugs are really enjoying the soft new rug) I love the good feeling of another project completed 😉

What projects did YOU do over the weekend? Please share them in the comments section below.

In my perfect world, the redo would have included a fabulous new easel, like this one…

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