My New FREE Nightstand! (Thinking Inside the Box(s)

Thinking Inside the Box(s), or, Free is Awesome…

I love finding great stuff cheap, but finding great stuff FREE is the best! I found this threesome of graduated-size box shapes abandoned in an alley near my home. They were in pretty good shape, just a few dings and scratches, and very sturdy. I don’t know what they were intended for (shelves? table?) But I knew when I saw them they were destined to become part of the Chic Rock Star Glam Bedroom Redo.


Nightstand pieces, before.

I gathered the pieces, cleaned them and touched up the scuffs with a black Sharpie pen. The piece of glass was gathering dust in the basement. (It’s been down there so long I don’t remember what it came from). I played around with the pieces till I had an arrangement I liked, and voila! I have a new (free!) nightstand that looks great in the new bedroom! More Bedroom Make-over projects coming soon…


Nightstand, after.

Additional notes: The red ceramic pot was another free alley find. Most all the books are from the thrift store ($1-2), and the silver-plate tray is also from the thrift store ($4). The big crystal on the top I bought about 16 years ago at a store close-out sale ($35) and the amethyst stone on the bottom came from a yard sale ($15). The lamp is from Target ($12, on sale) and the lampshade, from the thrift store ($3).

I’ve had this weird obsession with Lucite lately. MNO (Money No Object) I’d have a pair of these in the bedroom…

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