Found Hanging Lamps Restyled for the Chic Rock Star Glam Bedroom Make-over

Found hanging lamps made-over for the Chic Rock Star Glam Bedroom Re-do.

Happy Monday Make-over! I finished restyling this pair of hanging lamps over the weekend for the big bedroom redo.  I found these vintage fixtures abandoned in the alley just down the street. I can’t resist a good challenge, so I grabbed them. They had seen better days for sure, but they still worked, the metal was undamaged, and the wiring was intact. I’m guessing they were early 1970’s.


Hanging Lamps – Before

I started by removing the dated glass panels (two were missing anyway). The intricate design of the metal frames was too difficult to sand, so I went over them well with a hard wire brush to prep them for painting. 4 coats of white gloss metal spray paint and they have new life.


Hanging Lamps – Painted White

I decided to use pretty hand-made papers instead of replacing the glass. This way I can easily change the look anytime I want just by changing out the paper. I found the fun dragon paper at Meinenger Art Materials here in Denver (Check your local art supply, most will have a nice selection of fine papers) I used one of the old glass panels as a template, and cut out the paper “panels” with an exacto blade.


Paper for Hanging Lamps

I gently taped the papers down on the inside on the lamps with a little black electrical tape. (I have compact florescent bulbs in the lamps so they don’t get too hot to pose a fire risk). And here they are competed! I really like the way they turned out. The whole project cost $13.75 for the paint and paper.


Hanging Lamps Finished!

And here is one hanging in the new bedroom. I’ll be showing the whole bedroom redo soon! Only a couple more projects to go…


Finished hanging Lamp

I’d LOVE to have this for the bedroom…

5 thoughts on “Found Hanging Lamps Restyled for the Chic Rock Star Glam Bedroom Make-over

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  3. Those are totally cool. Nice save. I am curious to know why you thought they needed sanding before painting: were they really grimy, rusty, or were you afraid the paint wouldn’t stick to a glossy surface? TSP (TRI sodium phosphate) works great for degreasing, and liquid deglosser, a.k.a., liquid sandpaper, dulls shiny surfaces so paint will stick. And have you ever used Rustoleum Painter’s Touch? It’s paint and primer in one, and it’s really amazing stuff.

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