Found Hanging Lamps Restyled for the Chic Rock Star Glam Bedroom Make-over

Found hanging lamps made-over for the Chic Rock Star Glam Bedroom Re-do.

Happy Monday Make-over! I finished restyling this pair of hanging lamps over the weekend for the big bedroom redo.  I found these vintage fixtures abandoned in the alley just down the street. I can’t resist a good challenge, so I grabbed them. They had seen better days for sure, but they still worked, the metal was undamaged, and the wiring was intact. I’m guessing they were early 1970’s.


Hanging Lamps – Before

I started by removing the dated glass panels (two were missing anyway). The intricate design of the metal frames was too difficult to sand, so I went over them well with a hard wire brush to prep them for painting. 4 coats of white gloss metal spray paint and they have new life.


Hanging Lamps – Painted White

I decided to use pretty hand-made papers instead of replacing the glass. This way I can easily change the look anytime I want just by changing out the paper. I found the fun dragon paper at Meinenger Art Materials here in Denver (Check your local art supply, most will have a nice selection of fine papers) I used one of the old glass panels as a template, and cut out the paper “panels” with an exacto blade.


Paper for Hanging Lamps

I gently taped the papers down on the inside on the lamps with a little black electrical tape. (I have compact florescent bulbs in the lamps so they don’t get too hot to pose a fire risk). And here they are competed! I really like the way they turned out. The whole project cost $13.75 for the paint and paper.


Hanging Lamps Finished!

And here is one hanging in the new bedroom. I’ll be showing the whole bedroom redo soon! Only a couple more projects to go…


Finished hanging Lamp

Rock Star Bed Pillow…the Chic Rock Star Glam Bedroom Make-over Continues

Chic Rock Star Glam Bed Pillow

In researching ideas for my “Chic Rock Star Glam” bedroom make-over, I kept coming across images of the British flag (or Union Jack), which I like very much. It has sort of a mod, punk-rock feel, but I wanted to “chic” it up a bit, make it my own, and of course, make it myself.

Believe me, I am no seamstress. I can barely sew a straight line, so the design had to be simple. I had a large piece of magenta ultra-suede left over from an old project. I used that as the base. I had a large pillow that used to be on the bed back in the old “Purple” days. I pulled the pillow out of the old purple case and used it to measure for the new ultra-suede pillow. I then used fabric scraps left over from the new curtains I sewed for the bedroom (more on that in a future blog post). I cut them into strips and ironed the edges under. I played around with the design until I liked it, then pined the strips to the ultra-suede, and started sewing. It was all simple, straight-line work.

I really like the result. Even my musician-man digs it. Is it perfect? Heck no, (I would not be getting an “A” from the sewing teacher) but it works and is just the sort of look I was going for. It took about 2 hours, and was basically free, as I used bits of fabric I already had.

The rest of the “Chic Rock Star Glam” bedroom projects are on the way!

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Emma likes the new Rock Star Pillow


Cutting out the pieces


Strips ironed and satin layer sewn on.


The design is pined down, time to sew.


Strips sewn in place, time to finish the edge.


Finished Chic Rock Star Pillow

Oooo, Love these wooly pillows form Neiman Marcus, they would look great on my Rock Star Bed!
Adrienne Landau at POPSUGAR Shopping

Top 5 Houseplants for Plant-Slaughtering Black Thumbs

Top 5 Easiest Houseplants for Plant-Slaughtering Black Thumbs

Before embarking on my life as an full-time artist (and now blogger as well), I spent over a decade as a floral designer and event planner with ample experience caring for scores of plants (and admittedly, slaughtering a few). Through all the trial and error, I’ve come up with my list of the Top 5 Easiest Houseplants for Plant-Slaughtering Black Thumbs. (with an extra bonus 10 list at the end)

Before we get to the list, a few happy-plant notes. All plants, no matter how easy, need some care. Here’s a few simple plant-care tips: There are 3 main things to remember:  Light, Water & Drainage. First, read the care tag on your new plant. It will tell you how the plant likes its water, and whether it likes low, medium or bright light. Sunny window? Get a bright-light plant. Dimly lit basement? Get a low-light plant. Watering. The #1 cause of premature plant-death is under- or over-watering. In general, the easiest way to tell if your plant needs to be watered is to get dirty. Stick your finger in it, a good couple inches down. If you feel moisture, don’t water. If it feels dry, water it. You’ll want to check most plants twice a week, especially in dry climates. Write it down on your calendar so you’ll remember. (That’s what I’d do) This brings us to Drainage. Plants don’t like sopping wet feet. There needs to be a layer of drainage material on the bottom under the soil in addition to drainage holes in the pot. It can be a layer of small rocks, pieces of broke pottery, or the industry standard, perlite (a small white volcanic rock). Drainage is a must if you want a happy healthy plant. Keep them looking good by removing yellowed or dead leaves with scissors, rotate your plant occasionally for even growth, and if you want a Gold Star for plant care, fertilize according to the plant’s care tag instructions. Lastly, the temperature needs to be between 60-85. Keeping houseplants outside in the winter is a no-no.

So without further ado, here is the Top Five List, in order of easiest to ever so slightly challenging:

bamboo  1. Lucky Bamboo & Curly Willow. OK, these are not your typical potted plants, but it doesn’t get much easier than this. Just keep either the lucky bamboo or curly willow in a container of water (a nice vase or bowl) no dirt needed. Change out the water every week or so, that’s it. The willow branches will want a bit more light, but both are pretty forgiving when it comes to amount of light. (I’ve had lucky bamboo in my very low light bathroom for over 6 months now and it’s just fine) You can find both at your local florist, and sometimes at the grocery store floral section. Just make sure the curly willow branches are not dried out. Once in water they will quickly start to grow roots and leaves. I’ve also shoved these into a pot with moist soil and they grow just as well.
Snake_plant2. Snake Plant (or Mother-in-law’s tongue) This plant is nearly indestructible. It has a cool, almost architectural look, and even helps clean the air. This plant can live in almost any light (I’ve seen them live in a windowless office under florescent lights) They like soil on the dry side with excellent drainage (you will still need to actually water it at least once a week)
jade plant3. Jade Plant & Aloe Vera (and most succulents). As with most succulents, they store water, so are quite forgiving (though again, you will have to actually water them) They like bright light and excellent drainage. (TOXIC to pets)
CAST IRON PLANT4. Cast-Iron Plant (Aspidistra).  As the name suggests, this one is tough. It does well in low light with evenly moist (not wet!) soil, so you’ll probably need to water twice a week, but always check the soil first.
peacelily5. Peace Lily. This is one of my favorites. A full, pretty, fast growing plant with large white flowers (if you fertilize a couple times a year) and a good air cleaner. Does well in low light and likes even moisture. If you miss a watering you’ll know it soon, as the leaves will start to droop.

BONUS 10 LIST: These plants are are all on the easy-care list as well, though use caution as some of them are poisonous to pets and children. Pothos & philodendron (pretty, any light, dryish soil, Poisonous), Spider Plant (med-bright light, even moisture), Dieffenbachia & Chinese Evergreen (low-med light, even moisture, Poisonous), Dracaena (med-bright light, on the drier side, Poisonous) Ponytail Palm (bright light, easy on water), Grape Ivy (pretty, hanging, even soil med-bright light). Anthurium (bright pretty, long-lasting flowers, med light, even moisture), and Tradescantia/Wandering Jew (one of my favorites: very pretty, hanging, med-bright light, even moist soil)

I’ll be happy to answer any plant questions you have, just write them in the comment section below.

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Find(s) of the Week – What a haul from the Thrift Store!

Amazing haul from my favorite Goodwill this week. Getting great designer clothes cheap sure turns me on! Here’s what I found:

Marc Jacobs Sunglasses (with case) $11.99

Anna Sui for Anthropologie dress $7.49

DKNY skirt $3.99

Vintage Miss D Oscar De La Renta sequin top $4.99

Lafayette 148 Jacket $5.99

Pair of Ferragamo sandals $6.49

and not one, but TWO pairs of Prada shoes, $11.99 and $15.99

(also got a pair of brand new curtain tie-backs I needed for the bedroom for $2.49)


Great Finds at the Thrift Store!

See, you CAN get great designer clothes at the thrift store! Get out there and get shopping!

…and maybe I’ll save enough dough at the thrift store to pick up this little beauty…

It’s Not a Bedroom till the Mirror Ball is hung…Chic Rock Star Glam Bedroom Re-do Continues


It’s not a bedroom till the mirror ball is hung…

I a little obsessed with mirror balls. I currently own 3. (I purchased two of them on Ebay for $20 each for a party years ago, and a third 8″ one from the thrift store for $4.) One hangs in the corner of the living room with a still spot light on it which covers the ceiling in lights at night, one small one sits on the bookshelf on the landing, and now the third one hangs in front of the bedroom window. I love the light reflection in the afternoon sun! Perfect for our new Chic Rock Star Glam bedroom. Just a few more projects to go until the bedroom is complete. I finished sewing the pillows and curtains yesterday, and am about to recover the headboard. There are 3 painting projects (a large mirror, a huge dresser and two hanging lamps) that will have to wait until the weather warms up in another week or so. In the meantime, I’ll keep giving you little “sneak peaks” of the other various projects, like this mirror ball. #diy #restyle #decorating #mirrorball


the DIY Bedroom Re-do (Chic Rock Star Glam): the Ceiling Light Restyled

The “forced” bedroom re-do is coming right along (if you recall we had plaster falling on our heads in the night, which has been repaired). I’ve decided to call our new bedroom look “Chic Rock Star Glam” We are after all, an artist and a musician…

Here is the complete restyled light fixture. (and please don’t yell at me for painting over an antique 😉 My man purchased this art deco light fixture many years ago (before my time) in a big lot of light fixtures at an estate sale. We estimate he paid about $30 for it. It was gold-toned, and that just wouldn’t do for the new look. I used 2 coats of Ralph Lauren “Ambassador Sterling” on the fixture and decorative ceiling crown (the plastic crown originally came from Home Depot), then dry-brushed shiny silver acrylic paint over the high points. (I already had the paints on hand from previous projects, so no cost!) The little black shades we already had (thrift store finds, .99 each) work fine with the new color scheme, so I just reattached them. Now comes the fun part. I had a spool of pretty clear glass antique beaded trim that I picked up at a yard sale years ago (for $5), just waiting for the right project, and decided now is the time to use it. I simply draped and wrapped it around the arms of the fixture, and voila’! Sparkle and glam. For the final touch, I added a few inches of strung black coque feathers (not touching any electric or heat elements of course) wrapped around the top. (these were also left over from a previous project). The resulting restyle looks great with the Chic Rock Star Glam theme. And the best part? Everything I used I already had on hand, so it cost nothing! There are many more bedroom projects coming, so stay tuned! #diy #decorating #restyle


The ceiling fixture before, just starting on the painting…


Ceiling Light Fixture in progress, almost done painting…


Ceiling Light Fixture DONE! Chic Rock Star Glam accomplished.


When the Walls Come Tumbling Down, Part II: Paint. DIY Bedroom Redo

The Morning After…over 9 hours spent painting the bedroom yesterday: Ceiling, walls, trim, and decorative element. Shoulders, neck, back and obliques sore and achy, but it was worth it. How very satisfying to have such a major part of the redo done! Today I’ll do touch-ups, finish repainting the hanging lamp, and start in on sewing the duvet, pillows and curtains. Still need to figure out what to do for new bedside tables (I hate the old ones!) and pick up a few odds and ends. I’ll be making a trip to the Habitat for Humanity warehouse on Thursday and will hopefully find what I need, super cheap. There are many projects still ahead, including painting a large mirror, rehabbing a large dresser, repainting a pair of hanging lamps for the bedside, and more. I am so looking forward to having the bedroom finished! Bedroom paint is Behr Premium paint/primer in “Anonymous”, eggshell finish walls and hi gloss in the trim. The ceiling and decorative element are true white in eggshell. (see “When the Walls Come Tumbling Down, Part I HERE)


Bedroom Before, purple and lavender.


Plastering finished, what a messy job!


Bedroom painting finished.